Work in Progress Detail 021614Wow!  It’s that time of year again when I am busy painting commissions and getting ready for shows…and of course planning the classes I will be teaching for 2016.

I am happy to welcome you to my online gallery of “transparent” watercolor paintings!  I love to create an impression of luminosity in my subjects of wildlife and nature and call my style of painting “impressionistic realism”.  While balancing good design concepts, my goal is always to render a likeness creatively rather than photo realistically.

Please browse this site to learn more about my work and how I get my inspiration.  I accept a limited number of painting commissions and welcome inquiries and feedback via the “contact” page.  I love sharing my painting techniques with my art students and we learn together to see the world through “artist eyes”.   I invite you to join one of my workshops which are listed on this website.

Below are some of my recently completed paintings.  I hope you can see my “joy of painting” in my work!

New techniques are always exciting and I recently experimented with watercolor on canvas… favorite subjects on a different texture!  Here are 2 results…. 

The Fish Market

The Fish Market

Dawn's Canticle - Heron

Dawn’s Canticle – Heron


"Mangrove Sanctuary" Original Watercolor by Kathleen Noffsinger, 28" x 20"  Copyright 2015


“Mangrove Sanctuary” received an “Award of Excellence at the 2016 Virginia Watercolor Society Exhibition in May!  Thank you juror and judge Mel Stabin for this honor! 






“Life of Tree – Wings and Roots”  was inspired by the verse that there are two gifts we should give our children:  ”Wings to fly” and “Roots to come back home”.   I added a child on a swing and butterflies hidden in the roots in this contemporary watercolor.   

"Life of Tree - Wings and Roots"

“Life of Tree – Wings and Roots”

“Red Orchids” is one of my border paintings using the technique of  ”negative” painting in the palm-leaf border – it was juried into the “Art Speaks” Virginia all-media show in April, 2016, at the Bay School Community Art Center in Mathews, VA.

"Red Orchids"

“Red Orchids”

Here are two recent commissioned paintings on canvas and a photo of the finished paintings on the wall of my client’s stunning contemporary home.

"Birth of the Cosmos"

“Birth of the Cosmos”

“Birth of the Cosmos 2″

  In Situ...Watercolors on Canvas in the Client's HomeIn Situ…Watercolors on Canvas in the Client’s Home

How did I do that? I am often asked that question!  Since my ideas come from many sources I like to have a “painting plan”. Although each painting is different, I begin with a compositional plan of lights and darks in a 2” x 3” value sketch in my sketchbook and proceed to a full-size pencil drawing on my watercolor paper.  I use various traditional and contemporary watercolor techniques to apply color and sometimes spray or pour the paint onto the paper or canvas.  In all of my work I use both large and small brushes loaded with very transparent colors, adding layers of paint to create transparent glazes.  I rarely use opaque watercolor pigments.



If you look closely at my work, you can see “negative painting” in the osprey nests, light “poured” into the water in “Jellies” (pictured at right) and clear transparent “luminous color” in the seascape paintings of the Florida Keys.  I hope you enjoy viewing my  paintings as much as I enjoyed the painting process!

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